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Dreadlock Repair/Reattaching

Sometimes our locs need a little extra help.  Weak spots, breakage, lumps or bumps?


Don't despair!

Let me give your locs the extra support they need!


Every loc journey is unique

I'm excited to help you along your loc journey!

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What can you do if my dreadlock has broken off?

If you have a dreadlock that has broken off mid shaft it can easily be reattached using the crochet method.  Just make sure to keep the dreadlock clean and dry until your appointment.

Can you reattach old dreadlocks from a previous set?

Yes I can! Again, you need to make sure that the old set was stored clean and dry. There are some considerations that need to be made as well, for example we would match the new sections so that the section matches the thickness of the old loc. It is not advisable to attach a thick loc to a smaller section. 

Why doe breakage and weak spots happen?

Breakage and weak spots can happen for a number of reasons. With every appointment I always assess the full length of your dreadlocks from scalp to tip and I will let you know if I see any concerning areas.  Two natural reasons that weak spots can happen are related to hair loss (related to post partum shedding or with aging) or with elderly dreadlocks.  Yes dreadlocks can be elderly! If you have dreadlocks that have never been trimmed, the longest parts of your dreadlock are not likely attached to the root at your scalp, so over time this part of your dreadlock can release from the rest of your dreadlock.  This portion can either be reattached and reinforced or left off and embrace some layers.

Breakage can also happen more easily with dry brittle hair (naturally or chemically treated) or with styling practices that are pinching and bending the dreadlock repeatedly at the same points.

If you have any concerns about breakage it is something I am very happy to discuss and support during your appointment!

How can I prevent weak spots and breakage?

There are many ways to make sure your loc stays healthy and strong.  It is also important to note that breakage can happen with older locs and it is not necessarily a sign of neglect.  Strong, healthy locs begin with good over all nutrition, adequate hydration and minimizing stress.

And from the outside, you can prevent breakage with loose hair ties, loose styling practices and routine maintenance on the root and shaft of the dreadlocks.

So happy with the service. I found the time went fast and Naledi was so awesome to talk to. She used the crochet method which I like best for my Caucasian hair and she was able to tame my lumps and bumps as well as follow the original sections to clean them up!

Savannah C.


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