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Every dreadlock journey is unique and should be treated as such

There's no one formula for creating and maintaining every set of dreadlocks that sit in my chair. What brought you to dreadlocks is as individual as your experience with your hair and the dreadlocks we will create together.

Yes, you read that right! Every set of dreadlocks is different and yes, we are creating your dreadlocks together!

Our appointments are always interactive, from hearing about your vision and expectations to advising and demonstrating dreadlock care tips.

The foundation of DreadFlock is the incredible passion I have for dreadlocks. I never stop honing and developing my craft. Why? Because I want to guide you in having the best and healthiest experience with your dreadlocks.


I look forward to meeting you!

Regards, Naledi


DreadFlock was founded in 2016 by sisters, Thamo and Naledi, who took the loc leap years ago and never looked back. When the opportunity came up to train with Karen Wallington (renowned loctition and owner of Modlocks) they knew it was time to take it to the next level. Why DreadFlock? The sisters both taught Salsa Babies (a latin dance-fitness program) and fell in love with The Salsa Babies' Flamingo logo. Flamingos are family oriented, staying together in a group that's actually called a pat. They represent balance, self-care and being yourself within the flock!

Thamo has since moved on to pursue her interests in the fiber arts but she continues to be an integral part of DreadFlock behind the scenes! 


Are you ready to connect with a passionate and dedicated loctician?

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