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Dreadlock Maintenance

Let's grow beautiful, healthy locs together!

Dreadlock Maintenance

Keep your locs healthy and strong with regular loc maintenance.

While dreadlocks will occur naturally without combing, our hair does not grow out of our scalp as a dreadlock.  

Professional maintenance brings all the loose hairs and new growth into the correct dreadlock section to maintain the strength and integrity of the loc.


Every loc journey is unique

I'm excited to help you along your loc journey!


How does it work?

Dreadlock maintenance includes everything from your wash routine to palm rolling to separating hairs to professional root maintenance. A lot of your loc maintenance happens with how you take care of your locs and your scalp.  Professional maintenance is what I will speak about here (the rest I guide you with when you come for your appointment).

The process I use for professional loc maintenance is the crochet method.  I begin with making sure all the hairs are incorporated into the correct section.  I then lightly back comb the loose hairs and finally I use a crochet hook to lock the hair into the dreadlock.  

How often do I need maintenance?

The frequency of your professional maintenance will vary depending on the maturity of your dreadlocks, how much you are able to care for them at home and the overall look your prefer.

New dreadlocks typically require their first maintenance one month after they were created.  You can expect a lot of loose hairs slipping at the beginning which can merge with other dreadlocks so having your first professional maintenance after one month will help your dreadlocks mature in a uniform manner. 

Once matured, the typical frequency is once every 3-6 months.

How long does it take?

This varies depending on how long it has been since your last maintenance, the amount of loose hair and whether any repair is needed.

A good gauge is about half the amount of time it took to install your starter dreadlocks.

Do you tie thread at the root?

Tying thread is one of the tools I can use but only in very specific situations as every loc journey is unique.  I can use thread to keep fine, silky and short hair in the section better.  Sometimes I can use thread to diminish the discomfort of the crochet maintenance and then remove the thread once the maintenance is done.  Sometimes the client will prefer the thread to remain in because it will keep the looking tighter for longer between your appointment but thatt does mean  the space between the sections is more visible. So you can choose, do you want tidy sections for longer (thread) or a softer appearance with root maintenance (no thread)?

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