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After the first wash, my favourite!

I restarted my loc journey for the third time last week.. no wait, that reads weird. This set is my third set of locs. The first set I had for 10 years, the second for one year. Why all these different sets, you ask? Well that's an explanation for another blog post, this post is about embracing the early stage of a new set of locs.

I actually feel peace just thinking about these new immature locs. This space is exactly where I want to be. Its a fresh new beginning. Whether you are restarting like me or whether this is your first time ever. I feel like this moment right after the first wash is seldom shared, especially with crochet locs and I think that happens for a few reasons but I think it would be really helpful for a lot of people that are considering locs or just starting out.

I started my locs last week, all the locs were tight and fairly stiff. It's comforting to know every hair is exactly in each of the dreadlock sections, though I don't love the look of them being stiff. I do find by the end of even the first day they have started to soften and take shape around my face but not fully. The ends are a bit wispy, I've decided on leaving the ends loose both to maximize length and to see if I can encourage my ends to spiral. I'm expecting some of the ends will loc on their own but crossing my fingers that at least a few will remain curly, time will tell.

But, to my actual point, my fav-our-ite part is right after the first wash. The locs look completely different compared to before the shower. The water causes them to expand, hairs within the dreadlock are given space to move around. The loc takes on new shape and texture, there is less scalp showing between the sections. They feel soft and maybe even like, is this still a dreadlock? But yes! This movement is part of the process, the hairs move around and entangle further, when our locs dry they contract again and actually loc the hairs into place. *Insert angel singing here*. The true dreadlock is forming!

And this is really it-- allowing the experience to happen. It requires time and patience and intention and committment to allow the locs to form into the locs that they are going to be. I know that after the second and third and fourth wash they will continue to evolve and look different still, but they'll never again look exactly like they do right now after this first wash. I love them so much! And I hope seeing my puffy, fuzzy, short locs helps you to feel as much peace in the early days of your loc journey as I feel right now!

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