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Human Hair Extenders/Extensions

Let's grow beautiful, healthy locs together!

Human Hair Extenders/Extensions

Have short hair but you're ready to start your loc journey? No problem!

Have short dreadlocks and you want long locs now? I got you!

I use high quality human hair to give you the length you desire.


Every loc journey is unique

I'm excited to help you along your loc journey!


How does it work?

Prior to your appointment you will prepay for the extension hair so I may purchase it.  It is important to use high quality human hair if you want the extenders to last longer and integrate well with your dreadlocks.

You will need to have  a consultation appointment prior to adding extensions to discuss length, colour and pricing.


I use the same instant loc creation method to extend the length of your dreadlock as described on the Dreadlock Creation page (to read about instant loc creation click here).

If you are starting with loose hair, I will create the dreadlock on your hair first and then blend in the loose human hair extensions to your desired length.

For extending the length of existing dreadlocks, I will comb out about an inch at the bottom of your dreadlock and then beginning blending in the loose human extension hair.  This allows a really secure and seamlessly blended dreadlock extension.

How long does my hair need to be?

Your hair should be minimum 2-3 inches in length to create dreadlocks with extensions.  The shorter your hair, the smaller the section will need to be to reduce the chance of your short hairs slipping out of the section over time. 

How long does it take?

This varies greatly depending on your desired length.  Typically I book extension appointments over two days as we are generally either doing root maintenance or starter locs with the dreadlock extenders. 

I once heard someone say something that really resonated with me: if you want to add length to your hair now it's like years of progress all in one (or two) day, the time and money investment is reflected in how much length you add.

How do you take care of dreadlock extenders/


Because we add human hair extensions you will care for them much the same way you would your own dreadlocks. (Read more about washing, palm rolling and hair tying on the Dreadlock Creation page)

So happy with the service. I found the time went fast and Naledi was so awesome to talk to. She used the crochet method which I like best for my Caucasian hair and she was able to tame my lumps and bumps as well as follow the original sections to clean them up!

Savannah C.


Take the leap today!

Book your appointment today to get the dreadlocks that you have always dreamed about!

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