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Dreadlock Creation

Let's grow beautiful, healthy locs together!

Dreadlock Creation

Have you been thinking about getting dreadlocks? 


We all come to dreadlocks for a different reason.  For some it's a protective style, for others a lifestyle choice.

Dreadlocks are a beautiful natural hair style.  All hair will naturally matt up into a dreadlock without the use of combs and creamy conditioners. Dreadlock creation is the intentional cultivation of that natural process.

I love to hear what has brought you to dreadlocks and learn about the style you are envisioning!


Every loc journey is unique

I'm excited to help you along your loc journey!

How does it work?

The method I use for starter dreadlocks is called instant loc creation.  It is called this because when you walk out of my studio you will leave with established dreadlocks. 

The process I use is as follows: First the hair is sectioned to create the desired size of dreadlock. Then the foundation of the dreadlock is formed with light backcombing and finally I use a crochet hook to lock the hair into the dreadlock.

This technique works on all hair types and textures, from straight or kinky, thick or fine!  All hair can be loc'd with this instant loc'ing process.


How long does your hair need to be?

I recommend beginning your loc journey when your hair is about shoulder length. This will allow your dreadlocks to fall around your face. 

If your hair is less than 10 cm in length and  you are ready for dreadlocks now, you can either embrace that your dreadlocks will stick out or you can choose dreadlocks with extensions (click here to learn about extensions).

You may have heard of shrinkage with dreadlocks. Typically with the instant loc method you can anticipate your new dreadlocks  being between 1-5inches shorter in length than your loose hair.  This is normal, its caused by the back combing and if you choose to blunt the ends of your dreadlocks. 

How long does it take?

Plan for between 8-10 hours.  The amount of time varies depending on the thickness, curl pattern and length of your hair.

How do you take care of your new dreadlocks?

I advise extending the first wash 1-2 weeks after your dreadlocks were started.  Then plan for about weekly there after. Cleansing is an important part of the maturing process.  

Blow drying for at least 30 mins following your wash is important to help maintain the shape of the loc and preventing mold or mildew.


Palm rolling is a great tool with new dreadlocks to help maintain the shape of your loc and reduce fuzziness. (I like to palm roll and then blow dry.)

Purchase loose hair ties if you need to pull your hair up. Tight hair elastics can create weak spots in new dreadlocks and pull at the edges of sections/hair line.

We'll go over all of this again at your appointment. I'm happy to answer any questions and to help customize your wash routine for your unique hair and lifestyle!

"I recently rediscovered dreadlocks with our friends at DreadFlock. Their talented team of locticians helped me find a look and pattern that is neat and perfectly compliments my hair type."

Ryan C.


Take the leap today!

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