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How to prepare for your appointment

Whether you are coming in for a maintenance on your dreads or to start your dreadlock journey there are a few things you can do to get the best results out of your appointment. Yes, most of the work during the appointment is up to my skilled hands and the tools I use but the condition of your hair plays a huge role in how long the appointment will take and how well your hair can be incorporated into the dreadlock.

Here are some basic steps you can take to prepare your hair for your appointment:

  • Wash hair before your appointment with a clarifying (non-moisturizing) shampoo or cleanser- crochet dreadlocks should be dry before the appointment

  • Separate your locs- this is something that is important after every shampoo but be sure to do this prior to your appointment- it’s far more comfortable when you do it yourself!

  • Avoid using conditioners, oils or anything that will add a coating to the hair as this will reduce the loc’ing effect

  • Before maintenance is a great time to do a deep cleanse with apple cider vinegar and baking soda

  • If you are getting new/starter dreadlocks, please detangle your hair in advance

My last shampoo before a maintenance is always my favourite! You can enjoy giving your scalp a more vigorous lather because you know I'm going to take care of all the fuzziness!

Need something clarified from this list? Send me an email!

I can't wait to have you in my chair!

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Ruth W S
Ruth W S

I'd love to see a blog on deep cleaning dread - what's your recipe and process? Also, would love to read some tips on keeping base of dreads tidier between maintenance sessions (how do we self crochet?) Thanks! 🤗

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